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Fitness for your busy family life.

FamilyLife Fitness is not your typical fitness program. FamilyLife Fitness specializes in helping busy parents make the time they need to achieve their own fitness goals, from the moment mom gets pregnant to the time that baby reaches toddlerhood and beyond. There are so many benefits to pre-natal fitness that begin immediately and last a lifetime as well. Some of these benefits are less weight gain, easier labour and delivery, more energy.  But what about after baby is born? FamilyLife Fitness believes that staying healthy and active is important for all members of the family, at all stages and therefore has created programs where both Mom and baby or Mom and toddler can both participate.


Fitness with Fetus


Prenatal fitness for women in any trimester. Being regularly physically active during pregnancy can have many benefits both for mom and baby. A one-hour class in strength, cardio, stretch and relaxation. 

Fitness with Baby


Postnatal fitness. A total body workout with baby by your side. Focusing on strength and cardio training to help you reach your fitness goals. Baby also benefits from watching you exercise stimulating all their senses. 

Fitness with Tots


Focusing on cardio and play, this workout is designed for parents and toddlers. Be a role model for your little one and show them that exercising is FUN. 

Fitness Fusion


Picture this, Music pumping, every move is done to the beat of the music, this is a non stop full body strength and cardio workout. This fresh mix will challenge your body, ramp up calories burned, and keep you motivated throughout the 45 minute workout. 

Core Integration & Strengthening


A class focusing on retraining the core. Learn how to master Bellies Inc. Core Breath and how to incorporate it in to other core exercises. I will also focus on stretch and myofascial release for muscle tension.  A great class for the first year of postpartum.  

Online and Personal Training

Fitness with You


One on One personal training to meet your fitness goals can be done at the gym or in the comfort of your own home. 

For the busy Mom, online training will meet your fitness goals on your own time and in the comfort of your own home. 8-week program with 3 workouts scheduled a week accessible through my fitness app. Comes with support and motivation to keep you on track to meet your fitness goal


As a core confidence specialist I am the expert women trust to help work your body in ways that can help prevent and heal common core challenges like incontinence, prolapse and diastasis recti.

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Located in West Brant. FamilyLife Fitness runs classes out of Functional Patterns Brantford.

FamilyLife Fitness

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