Postnatal Fitness in Brantford.

There are many benefits to exercising after pregnancy.  You will increase your energy, decrease any aches and pains, build strength for parenting, have a stronger core, and be a positive role model for your children. 

What to exepect

What sets Fitness with Baby apart from any other prenatal classes is that baby is right beside you for the entire workout. No strollers or baby wearing. 

The class is very relaxed... if baby crys or is fussy no worries you can incorporate baby into the workout. This is your workout! Everyone is at different stages of post pregnancy. There are always modification for each exercise.  

At Fitness with Baby we aren't just a fitness class we are a community of moms laughing and relating to each other. Feel free to show up early or stay late and connect with other moms and build friendships to last a life time.  

Throughout the 1 hour class I focus on a full body strength and cardio workout. 

What to bring

For baby...


Toys and books


Car seat

Whatever will make baby comfortable throughout the class. 

We also have comfortable couches for feeding.

Class times

Monday 11:00 am

Tuesday 10:30 am

Thursday 10:30am

What Moms are saying...

I am so grateful for Family Life Fitness and the Fitness with Baby classes. It allows me to get out and socialize with other moms while getting back into shape without needing a babysitter.  Andrea H.

 After going the first week I was hooked! I honestly cannot say enough great things about it. The classes were fun, they were challenging, you could get a really good workout in with your baby right in front of you, and there is nothing better than that as a new mom.  

Quinn H.


I started going to Fitness with baby during my second mat leave in early 2016. I can honestly say that I went to one class and I fell in love; I was addicted. Krystal is a fantastic fitness instructor. She is very dynamic and approachable. I had amazing results with her and I still try to go to her classes even with/without my kids. 

Brandy W.


Mommy Social Time - Doterra Essential Oil Roller Ball Class. Tuesday November 27th 12pm