Prenatal Fitness

Being active throughout pregnancy is so important. The Socity of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada (SOGO) encourage women with uncomplicated pregnancies, in any trimester, to participate in regular aerobic and strength-conditioning exercises as a part of a healthy lifestyle. (SOGO, 2003)

What to expect

Each class is designed with pregnancy safe exercises.

We start each class with myofascial release using foam rollers and massage balls to help realease tension in the fascia due to poor posture and inflammation, which are both very common in pregnancy.  Myofascial release will lead to better mobility throughout the workout improving muscle function.

Strength and Cardio: Exercise focus on the posterior muscles to help improve posture.  During pregnancy we put a lot of strain on our anterior muscles as our weight shifts forward due to the growing baby bump. At Fitness with Fetus we do exercises to help prevent rounded shoulders, lower back pain, and loss of glute activation to name a few. 

Relaxation: Ending each class with stretch and relaxation to relieve stress and improve our mind and body. 

Benefits of exercise during pregnancy

1. Have more energy

2. Sleep better

3. Prevent lower back discomfort

4. Benefit form healthy weight gain

5. Reduce stress and anxiety

Class times

Wednesday at 6:00 pm

What women are saying...

Krystal’s knowledge of pre-natal health and fitness is evident in the way she structures and leads her classes, she explains why specific exercises are important during pregnancy and provides appropriate modifications so that I am able to feel safe and confident to continue with an active lifestyle during my pregnancy.  

Katie M.


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