Kid and Parent fitness in Brantford.

Inspire your children to be active by showing them how fun exercise can be. Exercising with your kids promotes a healthy lifestyle for them and you. 

What to expect

At Fitness with Tots I focus on play, strength and cardio. Always changing the activity to keep your toddler interested. Some activities we do are...

Stability Ball Freeze: Roll the ball around until the music stop and FREEZE.

Count to 10 strength: While doing bicep curls and squats count out loud.

Obstacles Course: A fun mini course you can go through with your tot featuring climbing, crawling, jumping and balancing. 

Animal movements: Travel the gym learning how animals move...jump like a kangaroo, gallop like a horse.

We always end class with Parachute and a story. 

Fitness with Tots isn't just exercise it's learning too.   

What to bring



Running shoes for you and toddler

Comfortable workout attire 

Class Time

*May program has been canceled*

Next program starts Saturday June 1 11:00 - 11:45 am.

What parents are saying...

I love being able to workout without getting a babysitter, and my kids are learning about being active and exercising which is an awesome bonus.



No events scheduled. 


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Studio: Functional Patterns Brantford

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