Class Cancellations

Fitness with Fetus

July 13 

August 17 & 31

Fitness with Baby

July 1

August 5, 6, & 27

Fitness with Tots

Will be back in the winter.

New classes for 2019

Fitness with Tots

Fitness with Tots will run 4 week programs from May-July. Saturday 11:00-11:45 am. Pre-registration is required for this program via Glofox App.

Bye Bye Mommy Tummy

A class focusing on retraining the core. Learn how to master Bellies Inc. Core Breath and how to incorporate it in to other core exercises. I will also focus on stretch and myofascial release for muscle tension.  A great class for the first year of postpartum. 

Monthly Mom Social Time

Once a month we will meet to socialize and build our mom community.